Heat insulating jacket

General Instructions and Operating Conditions

Heat insulating jackets (WSM) are used primarily to decrease heat loss and thus reduce energy costs during the heating of machinery and cylinders. That involves energy savings ranging between 30 and 40% and a considerable improvement in the ambient temperature of the area, where the machinery is installed. Moreover, there is improved safety for personnel at work thanks to the significantly lower surface temperatures in operation and maintenance of the heating systems. The warm-up time for the machinery is also reduced by approx. 50%.

Heat insulating jackets consist of either a sturdy metal shells with integrated insulating mats or multiple-layer, high temperature resistant fiberglass. The exterior has a special coating in order to resist dirt and excessive plastic material. Fixed metal shells also have an esthetic aspect and lend the machinery an attractive appearance. Nonetheless, operating temperatures should not exceed 700°C for fixed metal shells and 500°C for flexible insulating sleeves.

Installation Instructions

Heat insulating jackets are usually manufactured individually according to their installation site. Only by doing so is it possible to take electrical connections, sensor ports, boreholes and recesses into account. It is also possible to achieve optimum efficiency and minimized any possible thermal bridges. The installation is relatively simple. In case of flexible sleeves, hooks, eyelets, rotary swivels or Velcro fastening may be used.

The hard cover version consists of either two individual half shells or an upper and bottom halves, which are connected together with a collapsible hinge. In any case, these are fixed on the cylinder by the aid of tensioning screws, adjusting braces or tensioning brackets.

The production of this heat insulting jacket is certified according to the DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008 via TÜV Thuringia

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