High-performance band heaters

General Information

Ceramic heaters are used primarily for heating metallic cylinders used in the industrial sector, in particular with injection molding machines, extrusion dies, extrusion cylinders, etc.

Any other possible uses must be clarified with the manufacturer who must give his express approval.

Operating Conditions and Safety Instructions

The maximum operating temperature is 450°C. It is necessary to make sure that the relevant fire safety instructions are observed and the appropriate safety precautions have been taken. Both the ceramic heater and the material to be heated may not be subjected to any critical conditions (such as fire, explosion, formation of smoke and gas, etc.). Only suitable heat-resistant cable sets may be used due to the high temperatures. It is also necessary to ensure that sufficient protection is provided against contact, dust and moisture.

The maximum surface load of the heating elements may not exceed 6 W/cm². Nonconforming installation and incorrect selection of control equipment may result in defects and accidents. Any other conditions of use or diverting from the intended use must be clarified with the manufacturer who must give his express approval. Otherwise the warranty is void and no liability will be assumed.

Installation Instructions

The ceramic heater must be mounted so that it fits the form of the cylinder to be heated. While doing so, it is necessary to exercise caution to ensure that the ceramic elements inside the heater are not damaged or destroyed. A maximum torque of 15 Nm is recommended. When using compression springs, make sure that the springs are pretensioned such that they can move in both directions. Mechanical damages due to external influences must be prevented without fail.

Electrical Installation

The heater may only be installed by an authorized electrician or qualified personnel who have had proper instruction.

Make sure that the indicated operating voltage matches the supply voltage. Heat-resistant cabling must be used for all connections (see Operating Conditions and Safety Instructions). Cables must be installed in such a way that they do not come in contact with sharp-edged metal parts or hot surfaces.

VDE Specifications

The product was manufactured according to the following standards to the extent in which they may be applicable:

   DIN-EN 60335-1

   VDE 0700 Part 1

The production of these high-performance band heaters is certified according to the
DIN-EN ISO 9001:2008 via TÜV Thuringia

Comment: The user must ensure that electrical connections are protected to prevent accidental contact.

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